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Lester Foreman, Pastor

Worship the Lord
An Easter Message
Don't Be Suprised When Y
Your Body, God's Temple
Why Are We Baptized Pt 2
Why We Go To Church
Give God a Place In Your Life
How Christians Should Live
A Prayer for Gods People
Rejoice Pray without Ceasing & Be in the Spirit of Thanksgiving
Prayers of Righteous Men Prev
Keep the Faith
Listen Obey & Apply
When You Come to Church
Birth of Jesus
The Lord Prays for You
Sins of the Prodigal Son's Brother
Tempted by Satan
Advice from a Veteran
The Love of God
A New Commandment
Zeal of Thine House
Life's Greatest Choice
Good Servant Great Supper
Something Worth Loving
Strength of the Nation
God at the Door
The Master Historian
Man in the Mirror of God's Word
Is My Salvation Secure
Apostasy & Apostates
Joy Over Just One Saved
The Day Jesus Looks @ Our Gifts
What Are We going to Do in 2018
David's List
How to Know Right from Wrong
Blessed Hope
Parable of Two Sons
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